Angel presents the Drum And Bass Show every Saturday at 10.00pm on SNR.


Angel – Drum & Bass and Jungle raver, fan and DJ in the scene for over 20 years!

Being sucked into this music around the early 2000’s it was clear this was no ordinary genre. The fast beats, messy drums and super high energy levels that Drum & Bass music can inject into your very soul had me addicted and mesmerized immediately. I couldn’t believe that dance music could have such complexity and musicality whilst still hitting so hard with ferocious beats! As a teenager the addiction grew, I’d snap up any Drum & Bass mix compilations I could get my hands on, even record DJ’s radio shows live onto cassette so I could listen to them over and over!

A few more years on, having now completely embodied myself into the world of Drum & Bass and Jungle, I built up quite the library of tunes I’d been collecting and listening to for years from all of the biggest producers and record labels out there. But just listening to the music wasn’t enough anymore, I wanted to spin the tunes for myself and create my own mixes! Mixing on turntables, friends equipment I’d borrowed, and basically anything I could get my hands on was tricky at first – beats per minute? Beat matching? Songs clashing in different keys? What a nightmare! But practice makes perfect so they say and I persevered.

Fast forward to present day, having years of knowledge and experience in the scene, mixing and collecting Drum & Bass and Jungle music, I want to give something back! Wanting to showcase all styles, The Drum & Bass Show on South Norfolk Radio will feature something for everyone. From the high energy club anthems, to the underground jump up tunes to hard hitting neurofunk, to the more minimal and deeper soulful liquid tunes and anything in-between. I’ve got you covered!

Junglist Massive! – Angel



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