James Bell


House DJ, fan and raver, I’ve recently got into the DJ scene and I’m inspired by artists like Disclosure and COEO!

I first got into house music when I started listening to artists like Disclosure, Treasure Island, and COEO in the summer of 2021, listening to songs like ‘Ruffneck brother’ and ‘Back in the days’. I watched more and more DJ sets and discovered an eclectic range of house music. I’ve learned new DJ skills over the last few months and I’m now ready to make seamless and creative mixes. House music is about letting your mind wander as the songs evolve, as the music provides pure energy and soul to you – ‘The Energy Hour’ has all types of house songs from unheard-of bangers, to classic club anthems… all you’ve got to do is match the energy!

James Bell presents ‘The Energy Hour’ on Friday nights at 10.00pm.

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