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Music Forever, Forever Music

Presented by Johnnie Dalton

Johnnie Dalton presents a mix of music across the lunchtime hours every Tuesday on South Norfolk Radio. Music thats as good today as when you first heard it!

Johnnie Dalton presents ‘Music Forever, Forever Music’ on Tuesdays on South Norfolk Radio. Johnnie is a man of music and motorbikes!

Johnnie preseents ‘Music Forever Forever Music’, broadcast every Tuesday on South Norfolk Radio on from 11.00am until 2.00pm, a show that’s solely dedicated to music.

“We all have memories that in a way are linked to music” says Johnnie. “Sometimes good memories and sometimes not so good, but it’s the memories that last – as does the music.  Music which sounds as good today as when you first heard it – that’s the main focus of the show” he says.

“Like everyone else, I have many music memories and I still like to listen to all those particular songs and I hope you’ll enjoy them too. Of course, if you’ve got a special song of your own that means a lot, then do get in touch and I’ll play it on the show and give you a shout-out.”

Johnnie’s other passions include motorcycles and he’s also a published poet. “Poetry is my way of expressing my innermost thoughts, often with just a few words that come into my mind that inspire me to write” Johnnie says in the introduction to his 2017 self-published poetry anthology “Que sera sera”.

“My poems have been composed when I’ve been walking along the beach near my home in North Norfolk, or when, in a moment, a line has come into my head. I hope that they paint a picture of what I enjoy most, life and nature” says Johnnie.

One of Johnnie’s poems was recently included in an anthology of poetry, prose and illustration, all written and produced during the UK’s first pandemic lockdown in 2020. Called ‘Together Behind Four Walls’, the book, compiled by Francis H Powell, has been published by Gold Crest Books to raise funds for the vital work done across the country by the Marie Curie Nurses, assisting patients at home or in hospices as they near the end of their lives, as well as providing vital support to those left behind and suffering bereavement. You can find more details and purchase a copy of the book here :

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