Eurovision Radio International – The Ultimate Eurovision Experience

Hosted by JP

The world’s longest continuously-running weekly radio show focussed on the Eurovision Song Contest is now on South Norfolk Radio – Eurovision Radio International – the ultimate Eurovision Experience. Eurovision Radio International broadcasts every Sunday from Midday until 16.00 on South Norfolk Radio and is all about the Eurovision Song Contest. Celebrating 25 years on air in 2023, the programme was extended in 2021 from the long-established three hour format to […]

Eurovision fan Juergen Peter (JP) Boernig is a German citizen, now based in the Netherlands, broadcasting an English-language show, based at Radio105FM in Malta, that also goes out on a number of UK stations, including South Norfolk Radio, and is also now broadcast in Gibraltar too. So pretty ‘international’ really! South Norfolk Radio’s own David Mann contributes the weekly Eurovision Birthday File and the Covers Spot features to Eurovision Radio International while ‘JP’ hosts the show.

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