Two Men in a Bottle

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‘Two Men in a Bottle’ with Chris White and Matt Taylor is a fortnightly show all about wine!

An unfussy tutorial in wine! In each show Chris White introduces Matt Taylor and the listeners to a new bottle of wine and explores its story. They’ll share a bottle of course and Chris will seek to explain the finer details that distinguishes it from others; the nose, the bouquet and other nuances. With chat and interesting facts about the area from which the wine comes, plus sometimes a touch of the local music from there too, they provide listeners with an informal, informative appreciation of each wine, delivered with the kind of friendly, off-kilter conversation that a decent bottle can bring.

Join Chris and MattĀ  fortnightly on alternate Tuesdays from 8.00pm on SNR.
The next show will be aired on Tuesday 30th August.

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