The Country Show with Peter Fairhead

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Peter Fairhead presents ‘The Country Show’ on South Norfolk Radio at 20.00 on alternate Tuesdays.

Peter says “I started presenting Country Music on Commercial Radio towards the end of the 1970s – and have done so ever since! I hope part of my success is providing a mix which people who are not fans can enjoy, alongside the folks who attend Country Music Clubs and Country Festivals. That includes the hits from the USA, but also those UK acts who have established enviable reputations here and abroad. The emphasis is on an enjoyable selection from down the years, the 60s celebrities, the 70s and 80s singers and groups who came to Wembley, the 90s stars who helped some of us Line Dance, right through to the big names of the noughties and 2010s who came to Country 2 Country. From Cowboys to Crossover, it’s all here!”

‘The Country Show’ alternates on air fortnightly at 8.00pm on Tuesdays with ‘Two Men In A Bottle’, our exploration of the world of wine, with a detailed examination of the background story – and the contents – of one particular bottle, hosted by Matt and Chris.


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